The Mexican people elected their greatest president

Letters to the Editor: A “short brown’ Oaxacan was Mexico’s greatest president. What say you, Nury Martinez?

It’s been years since we had a candidate for president elected by the Mexican people to lead a country.

There are, however, still many people who are not aware that in the past, the Mexican people elected their greatest president.

And the person elected, as they say, “was not brown.”

I mean, he was short brown.

And the first thing he said, once he got into office, was: “The country is my country, and I will make sure that the country is united.”

It is important that we take notice of what the new leader said, because it is important that there be a commitment from the public of the country to put the country’s best interest first.

That’s why I think we will see some changes. First of all, I think the government will have to do a lot of listening.

I think they should not just make statements, but they should listen to everything that the people ask them to do.

As they say, “The government isn’t looking into the problems but I am looking into the problems.”

The second thing is that I think there is going to be a change in the leadership.

For example, I think that the first thing that will happen to a president elected by the people will be that the cabinet positions will not be filled by the same people.

The president will have to look for people who have experience in being in the places where Mexico is, like the oil industry, which is important in this country, because the oil industry is one thing that the president can do something about.

There are a number of other areas that they have experience in, so there should be a change in the cabinet.

For example, one of the things that I think is important is that there should be a change in the media, because they have been too conservative.

I think their news programs don’t have the right balance

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