The Story of Alexander McQueen’s Graffiti Skirt

The Curious Case of the Alexander McQueen Graffiti Skirt – Review

I remember the first time I saw Alexander McQueen’s Alexander McQueen Graffiti skirt. It was at a New York Fashion Week show of the brand’s Spring 2012 collection. I was walking around watching the runway show. While I was looking down, an attractive, very well-dressed woman wearing the skirt walked past me; she obviously knew who I was, judging from the fact that she walked over to me. She came up to me and asked me where I was staying. I said I was staying right the way down the street.

Suddenly, she turned to the left. There, right on the other side of the street, was another woman wearing the same skirt. But it wasn’t her. Her name was Sarah. Sarah was the designer’s daughter.

Sarah was always wearing McQueen clothes and had apparently been around the designer since she was seven years old. While Sarah never talked about her clothes, she showed me an article in an issue of GQ in 1998 that said the designer was close to death and not well. McQueen had suffered a series of strokes earlier that year.

And now here she was. The skirt of her dreams. Sarah had fallen in love with it.

And it led to an amazing story.

Sarah had found out that the designer was selling the skirt online. So, she and her sister, who was also a McQueen model under contract to the designer, sent her over a list of websites the designer had links to in which to purchase the skirt.

“We were so obsessed with McQueen that we were talking to the people in the office every day who were working for him,” Sarah told me. The two women went to their boss and told him about the skirt. They said, “We’ve got to do something. We’ve got to put this skirt on. And we told him we were going to send him an email, but we didn’t send it. We sent it first thing in the morning and didn’t think he would respond

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