The United States is Responsible for the Second Largest Share of Global CO2 Emissions

Nicholas Goldberg: Americans don’t care about climate change. Here’s how to wake them up.

Nicholas Goldberg: “The problem with climate change isn’t a future, it’s a present. Now is the time to act.”

Nicolas Goldberg: ‘Climate change may be an existential threat that is already upon us.’

The United States of America could have a serious problem on its hands…if it decides to spend trillions of dollars on a problem that is not even real.

A recent report by The World Climate Report 2014 reveals that the United States was responsible for the second largest share of global carbon dioxide emissions, despite its large population and consumption.

The U.S. came a distant second in terms of climate change, with countries like China, India and Brazil responsible for the majority of the greenhouse gases.

The report shows the United States was responsible for 10.3 percent of the country’s greenhouse gases emissions in 2013, much higher than their 5.3 percent emission per capita.

And the United States was responsible for approximately two percent of global temperatures in that year which is the equivalent of the entire rest of the world warming by a degree this year.

In fact, the American people are responsible for about one-third of the heat being added to the planet.

The report confirms that the United States is one of the top three countries responsible for making global climate change worse.

“Climate change is not a matter of science fiction nor is it a matter of denial. It is an existential threat that is already upon us,” Nicolas Goldberg, a senior fellow at Columbia University and the author of Climate Change: What You Need to Know, tells RT America.

Like many Americans, Goldberg has been fighting both for and against global climate change.

For years, Goldberg has been fighting to bring the Keystone XL pipeline to fruition.

The pipeline would transport up to 830 million tons of Canadian tar sands oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico for export to

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