Leslie Jordan, a singer, was killed in a car accident in Malibu

Leslie Jordan’s cause of death ‘deferred’ by L.A. coroner pending more investigation

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A coroner’s investigator said they’ve been waiting for an autopsy to take place on the death of a woman, Leslie Jordan, who police say took drugs and drove into a light pole in Malibu before she was struck and killed.

The Los Angeles County coroner’s press office said in a statement that an autopsy would be done when the coroner’s investigator has “completed the necessary investigation and evaluation.” It was unclear when that would be.

The statement was issued late Wednesday night. The coroner’s office said it would issue a formal statement.

Officers responded about 7 p.m. Tuesday to an incident at a Malibu home, Los Angeles police said in a statement.

A resident called 911 after she saw a man with a small child in his arms walking through a parking lot in the 7500 block of Sunset Boulevard at 4:35 p.m.

The officer spoke with the man who said the child, then 4, was his daughter and was standing in the driveway when he got into his car and drove off.

A little more than two hours later, Jordan was walking down a street in Malibu at about 5:10 that night, police said. She was walking away from a convenience store near the parking lot and struck a tree.

Police in a video released earlier had shown Jordan walking to a light pole, walking over it and falling to the ground.

The coroner’s investigator said that in the video, the coroner will have to review the scene to take the information provided by police and determine the cause of Jordan’s death. His words indicate he did not want to comment on what, if anything, police learned from the scene.

Jordan’s family and friends are calling her death a tragedy.

“That is a tragic accident,” said a friend. “She was a wonderful person and was a lot of fun.”

According to a friend, Jordan was in a band called “Fury” that performed all over the world. She lived in Australia for eight years, had been involved in a car accident in Australia and moved to Los Angeles to go to college.

“Leslie was a wonderful person who loved life and was very intelligent, very caring,” he said.

Jordan’s mother, Lola Jordan, said through

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