I Was a Long Lost Son

Letters to the Editor: Mike Davis wrote about dark subjects, but he was full of light. We all had to deal with a lot of things at the end of the year. I believe New Year’s resolutions are for a fool. Instead of following “the rules,” read “the wisdom that is in the heart of each person.” Here are some of the things that came from my “dark year” and now I’m starting the year of “brightness.”

I never wrote as well as I could have, I never published at the time I wanted to, but the most beautiful thing was getting into a routine. I wrote every day on average of four hours and the daily rate of output had increased to about six hours. It was nice to have a system that worked, but sometimes it was painful.

There was an experience one year that made me wonder if I could ever come out of the shadow. I saw a man get arrested for drunken driving. My reaction was not what any other man’s would be. I was with my wife, a friend and a group of people standing outside of the courthouse. My wife and my friend were the most nervous and excited. They were so excited that I thought they would faint, they held on to me. I had been there for the last hour, they had been there since 12:30. I was standing with my wife and she was holding onto my arm holding onto a friend as if it was all going to fall apart. The friend was so concerned about her, she was holding onto the back of my head. They finally got on the sidewalk in front of the courthouse. My friend was holding onto a friend who was with me. It seemed as if time stopped. It was as if I was a long lost son in the middle of a family reunion. I walked away from all of them and they walked with me. When we got out of the building to the parking lot, I took my wife and friend to my car. I thought my life was finished and that I could never get married again. They kept telling me there was more to life than just getting married. It was just before Christmas time. I thought my life was over.

I had been married to the same woman since my childhood and she always wanted me to be a better

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