Annie’s Restaurant Bans James Corden After he Calls It a ‘Fairytale’ and ‘Worse Than An Airport’

This New York restaurant just banned James Corden for being ‘a tiny cretin of a man’

Annie’s Restaurant (pictured) has banned James Corden from ever coming back after he called the restaurant a ‘fairytale’ and ‘worse than an airport’ on a radio show

Annie’s Restaurant has banned James Corden after he repeatedly called it a ‘fairytale’ and ‘worse than an airport’ as he joked on live radio that it was the place for ‘white guys in suits’.

James is most famous for his TV show American King, which aired on ABC in 2015. The show featured him as a man who was not afraid of flying – and who wanted to take his love for women on the first leg of his round-the-world-trip.

On Sunday, James came on to perform at New York’s annual Rock and Roll Marathon in the form of a monologue on the radio show Rock of Ages, where he told the story of being mistaken for a’sad man’ by his own daughter.

‘She’s like, ‘Daddy, you’re just sad’ and I’m thinking, “What girl would choose someone so sad?”’ James said in the segment.

‘Then she says, ‘Dad, that’s not a problem. Your job is to fly to Tokyo, then you’ll meet the women of Tokyo’. And then I go, “Hey dad, I’m a happy person”.’

The radio show was not the first time James’s jokes had been called out, as he recently admitted that he ‘blew his top,’ and ‘would have lost control’ on a tour bus because of a ‘huge’ girl.

Annie’s Restaurant banned James from coming back after he was given a ‘FACIAL CHANGE RESTRICTION’


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