I’m Sorry, Dodgers: I’m Not Going to Leave You Guys to Deal With These Racist Players.

Letters to the Editor: Hey, Dodgers, care to comment on that racist ad played during the playoffs? (By the way, I see you tried to sneak that racist ad behind the yellow ribbons. Way to bury it.)

— The Dodgers’ only fan who’s not a liar.

— Don’t worry, Dodgers: I’m not going to leave you guys to deal with these racist players.

— Who says it’s racist? It looks like a girl getting ready for a cheerleading competition.

— I know this will be a tough one for you. You’ve spent a lot of time, effort and money to get a man who is very different from you back into the Dodgers organization and now is trying to steal your good name.

— I’m sorry, but I won’t be commenting on this. I have no problem believing you’re a racist. You have to at least apologize for it if you want my support in the future.

— I have no problem with the racist baseball team. The Dodgers are a racist organization with a racist owner.

— What do you say we put all the racist players on the black club, or the white club and let the players have their racist decisions and then we can just have a little racism-free game every once in awhile.

— I can’t comment on the matter of racist ballplayers. I’m just a guy with a black hat. What makes you think I would even give a crap about your racist players?

— If I had a dollar for every time I thought your racist ballplayers were just a bunch of lazy, entitled losers and a bunch of ballplayers who didn’t deserve a shot at the Majors, I’d be a rich man.

— I’m sure your players, the ones who have been “chucking it up

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