Leslie Jordan: What It Takes to Be a Professional Wrestler

How Leslie Jordan turned Instagram into his greatest showcase of all time

In his most recent YouTube video, former WWE superstar Leslie Jordan shared that one of his proudest moments was winning the 2017 WWE Performance Center Slammy Award, the same night he had taken down The Undertaker for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

We caught up with Jordan to get the inside scoop on what it took to become a professional wrestler, and how he started his wrestling career.

Leslie Jordan has had a wide-ranging resume in the wrestling industry. From WWE to NJPW, to working in Lucha Underground, and competing for Ring of Honor. Jordan also made a name for himself in YouTube on the Smosh channel where he posted videos about random topics like “How the H.E.L.B.E.S.N.D.A.L.S.H.A.L.L.I.D. SUCKS” or “Gotta love YouTube’s Top 50” or “I’m a bad boy and I need to be punished”.

It’s no surprise then how Jordan found himself on the wrestling scene. His YouTube profile has over 500,000 subscribers and is growing by the day. At the time of writing, Jordan has over 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube and over 1.3 million video views per day on his channel. On his Instagram page, there are nearly 15,000 followers. Jordan’s videos are posted under the name of SBNation.

The wrestling community has been very supportive of Jordan ever since he took the WWE Performance Center Slammy Award against The Undertaker at the 2017 WWE Performance Center Slammy Awards in Los Angeles, California, in March. Jordan’s accomplishments in the industry are so massive that his YouTube page is a great place to look for inside information about wrestling and what it takes to become a champion. Jordan is a big fan of learning and sharing every aspect of what it takes to be a professional wrestler by interacting with people. Jordan tells us what it’s really like

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