Why We Are All Brain-Free Zones

GUTFELD: Colleges are brain-free zones

It’s easy to laugh at colleges and universities these days. And it may seem that the “brain drain” is just that – a drain. We laugh because we have heard it from so many friends and acquaintances. “College is terrible – it’s a bunch of people who don’t know anything and think they’re clever”. It’s easy to laugh because so many people are starting to go to college. But, you see, this is the crux of the problem. Just as we laugh and point at the latest joke, we can all agree that we should all go to college, yet the problem is we are getting fewer and fewer people who go to college.

Many of us went to college because you were told it was a way to get a good job and a higher salary. I was the first in college (and I am an engineer, so I am going to do my math on that), so I would get a job, graduate, and move on. But the current generation who are graduating and going into the workforce is going to a much more competitive place: “Is my job going to pay the bills for my family?”. People today get to a point where we have to decide if we are going to have a big house, kids, and our hobbies and interests, or if we are going to drive a little car, have some hobbies, and enjoy every day. And that is why the economy is shrinking all over the world. When your salary and your time are both being cut, going to college is a better bet than just going to a job, and then getting a new job after you have graduated. Colleges are now brain-free zones because the only ones who go to college now are the people who really love it, who will learn a lot, and it will get you a lot of job offers. And that’s exactly why we are all brain-free zones.

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