The Truth About Sports

The Times podcast: Masters of Disasters: Broken records!

Our latest piece of podcasting is with Jonathan, our fearless correspondent who runs this fine blog, The Truth About Sports

We look back on what he has learned during the course of his career and share it with you in a very, very special edition of “The Times”.

“I didn’t expect I would be so passionate about sports,” Jonathan says of himself in a recent email.

“I’m a firm believer that any new thing that you experience will affect you. I feel as though sports have always been good for me,” he continues. “They’ve been a way for me to escape from the day-to-day of my life, and I’ve often said that I don’t have anything at home where I can escape to anymore, but sports have been a constant factor in my life.”

But you could say that all of that is just as it is with many of our guests. Like Jonathan, many of the guests on episode one of our new podcast, “The Times”, are passionate about sports, but they are also so much more.

“I was so happy to be invited as a guest on this podcast because my love for sports was always one of my passions,” says Mike “The Fan” McQueary, CEO of PGA TOUR and the only member of our team who was playing golf in college. “It’s so important to be able to talk about the sport that I love, and I know that I have some great stories to tell about my fellow athletes.”

Indeed, as we chat with many of our guests, we’re struck by how passionate they are about the sport they love. As we learn about more stories, it strikes us as almost a revelation that not only is this a beautiful game, it actually has been a gift from the Great Creator. It should be so important to all of us as humans, but it isn’t only the case in golf.

On the episode, our guests talk about their faith and how it shapes their values, which is why so many of our guests are athletes. They talk about how they have developed their values so that everything and everyone that they do is in support of the

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