Meghan Markle allegedly ripped off Samantha Harris’ version of “Deal or No Deal”

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Award-winning model Meghan Markle, who is getting married to Prince Harry, allegedly ripped off Meghan’s cousin Samantha Harris’ version of the song “Deal or No Deal”, which Harris performed with her boyfriend, the British-American actor Tom Riley.

Meghan Markle and Tom Riley at the 2019 Golden Globes: Photo: Getty Images/Lionsgate Entertainment

Harris, a Canadian, has filed a lawsuit against Markle, claiming she “intentionally copied the melody” of another version of the song, which she performed at a party. Her video, which she posted on YouTube on 21 December, is titled “The Video: Meghan Markle and Tom Riley”.

Harris has not yet filed a lawsuit, but Markle is expected to do so by the end of January.

The lawsuit claims that Harris “believes that she copied the melody of the music videos by the defendant (Markle) in reference to defendant’s copyrighted material.”

Markle did not release the song – “I Will Survive” – until two days after Samantha Harris’ video was released.

“The defendant’s video, entitled ‘Meghan’s Deal or No Deal,’ features music from Meghan’s album ‘I Will Survive’ played to the tune of the song ‘Deal or No Deal’ by Samantha Harris,” the lawsuit states. “The defendant is the only entity to have the rights to the song ‘Deal or No Deal’ and it is alleged that the defendant falsely stated during the publicity tour of ‘Meghan’s Deal or No Deal’ that she performed the song ‘I Will Survive,’ which was copyrighted in 2012, but had access and authorization to perform the song ‘Deal or No Deal’ which was not copyrighted until 2015.”

In fact, Harris’ version is entitled “Deal or No Deal (Featuring Samantha Harris).”

Harris, who

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