The City of Santa Monica is investigating the leak of sewage

El Segundo moves to sue L.A. over massive Santa Monica Bay sewage spill, foul odors

Janie Hirono, left, and Hector Villagra, who both won seats representing Southern California on the House Intelligence Committee in 1998, today called for the ouster of Representative Janice Hahn, a Democrat from San Diego. The Santa Monica Bay cleanup scandal has led to calls for the ouster of more members of the House Intelligence Committee. (Published Monday, March 14, 2017)

A former Santa Monica Bay sewage facility has been shut down as a result of massive sewage spill last November that sent foul odors throughout the city. The former septic system may be a contributing factor in last November’s massive rain-producing deluge, according to Santa Monica Mayor Kevin Fagan. “If there is [a connection] to the odors, we’re looking at it,” Fagan told ABC 7.

On the heels of the massive storm that dumped 1.5-inches of rain at its peak, the City of Santa Monica is now under criminal investigation by the FBI and the City Attorney’s office for the leak of more than 1.8 million gallons of sewage through a system that connects to the ocean.

It’s been more than eight months since the City took responsibility for the leak and now the former Santa Monica Water Department septic system, the source of the leak, is under the City’s control. City officials are looking into reports that an unknown third party was responsible for the break and leak of the sewage pipes, according to ABC 7.

The leak of sewage sent foul odors through the City and the county after storm drains and storm sewers were breached during the deluge.

A lawsuit was filed against the city by the current and former owners of the former sewage plant on March 5, and the city has begun an investigation into the source of the sewage. City officials said the investigation will take until the end of June, by which time the city will be able to determine if it is in contempt of court for violating

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