Charlie Manuel’s Great Quotes on the Phillies

World Series: Nick Castellanos Saved Phillies With Catch in Game 1

By Ric Bucher

PHILLIES manager Charlie Manuel had a great way of looking at the situation of his team and the opponent that caused him to make a decision that was the best for this year’s club. Here are a few of his great quotes. Here they are in chronological order:

“We’ve been in every game so far this year. I thought we were going to be in every game. But the way these teams are playing, you don’t want to get down.”

“You have to understand, this kind of schedule, with these guys they’ve pitched well against the team that they play. You have to give it to those guys, they’ve played. I’ve talked to them about it. They’re playing every single day right now. They’ve been in every single series that they’ve been in the last couple of weeks.”

“I think we have a good team. They’re playing well right now. We’ve been here for so many years, and it doesn’t matter who, we’re going to lose the game, especially when we’re up there in the lead, going for the whole series. They’ve been here long enough, and we’ve been here so many times before that we’ve won almost every game.”

“We’ve got a guy that can take over games. He can go up, be very dynamic. I think he has good command. He can really take it. That’s the type that helps in situations like this.”

“I think the good thing is we haven’t lost a game yet. I don’t know if the Phillies have ever gone 3-0 in October in this era. I know they haven’t in history. I know the Yankees went 2-2 from October, I think, to April and then finally won the pennant.”

“I believe that because he (Castellanos) makes good decisions on the bases, he makes a good play there too.”

“It all starts with a good run, and that’s what we need to be doing

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