The Kenyan Election: The Election of the People

See the chaotic scenes as Kenya elects new president in a country divided by war and economic hardship

By the end of the election, after a chaotic and tense ceremony to elect a new president, there were more than 100 voting stations and about a thousand polling agents. The polling agents were deployed in areas where most voters live in rural areas, and the election offices were in urban areas. Some polling agents were sent in with guns and some were sent in with clubs.

In some cases, they were sent in by helicopters, making the scene even more chaotic.

The violence in Kenya has been a factor in the election, as have allegations of vote-rigging and intimidation of some voting stations.

This week’s election has been highly controversial, and has raised questions about the fairness of the election by the opposition, and the credibility of the vote by the incumbent president.

It has also generated a lot of confusion for Kenyans as to who was who on the ballot.

Here are the key findings of the election:

Kenyans were divided into four groups according to how they answered a question about whether they supported the incumbent president; those who answered yes, were divided into four groups according to whether they supported the opposition party; those who answered no and supported the opposition were divided into four groups based on each of the three options on the ballot.

The opposition was divided into five groups. Those who supported the main opposition party, Kenya National Democratic Party, were divided into six groups based on their support for the NDB and whether they were for the president or the opposition.

There were divisions among those whose names were printed on the ballot paper – which were marked as ‘No’ – as to who these people supported. Some claimed they supported the president, while others said they supported the opposition.

The names of the people who cast their vote were also printed on the ballot paper, with the result showing whether these people supported the president or the opposition.

It’s a very confusing result. I hope this gives people who voted and have been arguing about this election a bit of clarity.

How to vote

To vote in Kenya, and to vote no, simply indicate that you are against the president, write your name down and put it in the box, after the presidential question.

You cannot vote for the president unless you select option no.1.

If you write your name down on

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