How We Made It in California

Ralph Lauren Dreams in California

When it came time to move our business to northern California, we knew it would be a challenge as there are so many opportunities out here in the West who can make the business run their way. To date we have had the pleasure of working with the most incredible people in the industry and have been blessed to have had the pleasure of being an extension of their efforts and goals. They have had the courage to move the industry forward and take chances and to think beyond what was expected. After all, it’s their job to set you on the track to achieving your goals.

Ralph Lauren and the brand is known for its luxury leather goods and a lot of time and resources going into design and manufacturing of these pieces. We are now one of the largest suppliers of leather goods and apparel in the world.

When we first set up our business in California, we had many challenges to overcome. We were located in the most beautiful part of the world and had to be resourceful and creative to sell an online business to an area which saw sales growth of less than 1%. There was a real challenge in the fact that there were many people just doing the same thing and not being able to make significant progress.

There was a feeling that if you were going to be a success out here, you had to be passionate and commit and do what it takes to succeed. The challenges were many but we were determined to get it done and with a great team. We knew we were making the right move and had to get used to the business at hand. This is our story of how we made it in California and how our venture changed our lives and our business.

We were so excited to arrive at our new home state in the fall of 2012. There were many challenges in the planning but we weren’t worried about them. We knew that we had the best people in our industry and we were committed to be the best we could. The business was taking off and we were confident in what we had built.

Ralph Lauren’s California Expansion

Our first month in our new market was a huge success. We had a lot of new relationships to build and we were creating a great brand. We were in the thick of the fashion industry, so every person we met was important. We felt we had a new clientele and the quality of our products

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