The Harris House Inn

Why Dine at the RH Restaurant, From the Brand Formerly Called Restoration Hardware?

Recently discovered by a restaurant reader named Jim, the restaurant that served as a headquarters for the Restoration Hardware (RH) brand between 1878 and 1976 was located on the southeast corner of Broad Street and Prince George Street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Since its closure, the site has remained vacant and neglected. In 2011, the restaurant was demolished, having been replaced by a parking lot. This brief history of RH in Toronto and a glimpse into the fascinating history of the RH brand will be the focus of a column in the upcoming edition of this magazine.

Restoration Hardware originated as the Great Eastern Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia Union Stadium. In 1877, the Great Eastern Hotel opened its doors to the public as an inn offering accommodations for travellers and business travellers. The inn earned a reputation for excellence and luxury.

In 1881, William S. Harris purchased the Great Eastern Hotel and opened a replacement. It became the Harris House Hotel. In 1883, this Harris house relocated to Fairmount Park (later known as the Fairmount Park Inn) in Philadelphia, and was later renamed the St. Regis Hotel. St. Regis is a famous American hotel chain which offered luxurious hotels with first-class dining in New York, Washington, D.C., Miami, New Orleans, Chicago, and many other major cities. In 1885, the Harris House Hotel was renamed the Harris House Inn.

William Harris, Harris House Inn, 1885.

In 1887, Harris purchased the Harris House Hotel and its name was then changed to Harris House. The Harris House Inn became known as the Harris House Hotel, a member of the elite Hotel Association. In 1890, Harris added an additional dining room for breakfast, dinner, and Sunday brunch. In 1900, Harris House Inn began a series of renovations to add a new basement, a three-story west wing, three new windows, and a four-story east wing. In 1912, the Harris House Hotel closed for a remodel. In 1932, Harris House Inn reopened as its present name, Harris House. In 1938, the restaurant was renamed the Harris Restaurant. In 1939, Harris acquired the Harris Restaurant chain and expanded its offerings by adding a café and other specialties. In 1943, the Harris House Hotel opened its doors for a new service charge. Harris continued

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