The President of the United States Is a Master Chess Player

Letters to the Editor: How we the people are letting Trump destroy our democracy

The president of the United States has repeatedly denigrated America and our system of government, while simultaneously seeking to change our system in his own image.

He has not been invited to state and national conventions or the national conventions of the Democratic and Republican parties. He has not responded to questions of impeachment and has not condemned the president’s conduct. He has not appeared on any cable news to defend his actions, even while the nation was faced with a crisis of unprecedented proportions. The commander in chief has not called for calm, but instead told us there is “no reason to be alarmed.”

His response to Hurricane Michael is just the latest example of the president’s disregard for the rule of law. He has not asked Congress to enact legislation to aid victims or to restore the economy and the country’s fiscal health. He has declared a state of emergency and pledged to meet the needs of the people and the economy.

No matter how badly our president misread the public’s mood, he has not been impeached by the House or removed from office by the Senate. Instead he is acting as his own attorney general while attempting to change the rules of our democracy and subvert the separation of powers.

This will not change, and it should not be allowed to change.

A president who is a master chess player has no interest in engaging in the game in good faith, no interest in understanding the rules of the game, and therefore no interest in playing the game. But when he doesn’t win, as his repeated remarks about his electoral prospects suggest, he becomes a master at losing.

In the words of Winston Churchill, “Power is never a means” but “a great end in itself.”

The American people are well aware of the president’s arrogance and arrogance is evidenced by his repeated denials of wrongdoing and his refusal to apologize.

When the country

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