The Arizona Coyotes Move Downtown

The Times podcast: Coyotes go urban; humans freak out; and the big difference in the Senate

In this edition of The Times podcast, we discuss the hockey team’s move downtown, the rise of Donald Trump, and the big difference in the U.S. Senate.

Story Transcript

AMY ROBERTS: The 2017-18 season is underway, and the Arizona Coyotes are on the move.

They’re not going directly east, like other teams have relocated, but the team is choosing to move to downtown Phoenix rather than being forced to stay in a suburb closer to home. It’s called, you guessed it, “urban.”

In the spirit of the game, we reached out and asked about the move and what it means to the fans.

What did you think of the move when you learned of it this spring?

ROBERTS: I thought it was wonderful. I really liked the idea of the Coyotes moving into a downtown arena. I have friends who live in the area and have said it’s really good. I think they’ve done a good job moving the team so that they don’t disrupt the surrounding communities. I thought the naming rights to Bridgestone Arena was very good move.

You know, the naming rights for Bridgestone Arena was not something that I, as somebody who lives in the area, was expecting. It took me by surprise, but it was a really good deal for the Coyotes.

So for them, that became part of the deal, and they also agreed to have that land, to be able to build the downtown arena, and it’s worked out really well for them.

AMY ROBERTS: What does it mean to you?

ROBERTS: For me, it’s huge. It’s going to be a really great hockey arena. I love seeing the Coyotes there. I just think they’re going to be a great hockey team with a great downtown arena, and it’s really going to bring this community together, too. It’s a win-win for everybody.

On the other hand, I will be really disappointed if they have a bad run at the playoffs. It would be disappointing for me as the parent of a hockey player. I know you can’t take that away from players that’s for you, but it would be disappointing for me as the team’s season ticket holder. My season ticket is for the next

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