Mrs. Bush’s Quotes on Women in Congress

Fears Over Fate of Democracy Leave Many Voters Frustrated and Resigned

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On Wednesday, former first lady Laura Bush published a blog post laying out her feelings on the recent elections.

“I am encouraged that millions of Americans have sent their voice to Washington to stand up for the values that have made our nation safe and prosperous,” wrote Mrs. Bush. “I am proud of the strength and diversity of our nation. I am proud that Americans are unified and ready to do what is right.”

But the post had a number of key points that seemed to contradict Mrs. Bush’s other words on Wednesday.

First, some of Mrs. Bush’s quotes seemed like they might have been written by a liberal-leaning white woman rather than a conservative-leaning female.

For example, she said, “If there is anyone out there who still doubts that we could be a majority-female nation, let them think of the women running for Congress and the governors, the states and the mayors across the country.”

Well, there are a whole lot of white women running for Congress and for governors, the state and for mayors, across the country, and they’re overwhelmingly white and very conservative.

Then she added this:

“Many are running to be the first woman president, and I congratulate them, because they are doing the difficult work that needs to be done, and I will support them as they move forward. And that is what we want to see, too: an America built on a foundation of equality and justice for all.”

Now, we can see where that quote came from. White women, especially white women of color, are the fastest-growing group in the Democratic Party these days, and especially as the national party becomes more inclusive — more representative of and reflective of all Americans than ever before. According to the Pew Research Center, the number of

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