The Big Empty is a film about homelessness

One family’s desperate act to escape overcrowded housing in L.A. was filmed by a homeless man who was homeless himself, and is the inspiration for a new documentary.

In the film, The Big Empty, director Matthew A. Cherry, who goes by the stage name, “Chad,” tells the story of a homeless man who was homeless himself.

In 2005, Chad had never been homeless. But he was living in a single room, one that he’d had for four years before moving to the city of L.A. in 2004.

“It’s about the lack of housing,” Cherry says. “The lack of housing in California. This is literally a homeless man who was homeless and has been homeless and will always be homeless.”

The Big Empty, a 90-minute production, tells the story of Chad and his struggle to live a life full of dignity and fulfillment despite the lack of any.

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The film is supported by the California Endowment-Los Angeles County’s Community Services to Homeless Veterans (CASH) Fund, a Los Angeles Times Top-10 list of the largest privately funded grassroots organizations, and a grant and matching campaign by the California Independent Filmmakers Guild.

The Big Empty will travel to Los Angeles and New York City in November to screen the film to the homeless community.

It features in the film premiere portion of the “Pitch in” series at the LA’s Grand Bijou Theatre on May 23.

“It’s about homelessness and about how we could all be homeless, but don’t. And what makes it more interesting is that it’s about the struggle to find some kind of meaning and make the most of whatever our circumstances.

Chad is one of hundreds of homeless people who live in shelters and have no choice but to live there or find lodging elsewhere.”

The Big Empty opens Friday, May 25, with a 10:30 a.m. showing at the Grand Bijou.

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