Starbucks’ 25th Anniversary Cans are now available in Philadelphia

This is what Starbucks’ 25th anniversary holiday cups look like. Here is a gallery of the new cups, which were unveiled during their anniversary party last night in Philadelphia.

Last night, Starbucks took the wraps off of some of their most recent anniversary cups, which arrived in Philadelphia for the company’s first-ever holiday party. As you can see in the gallery above, the newly redesigned Starbucks 25th Anniversary Cans will be available in January.

New designs were unveiled last night at a party at the Museum of Art entitled “Starbucks’ 25th Anniversary Party.” The event, which was attended by hundreds of employees nationwide, was broadcasted live on Starbucks’ YouTube channel ahead of the actual event, so we took the time to make the necessary research to bring you this gallery of the New Year’s Cans. We hope that you enjoy.

There are three different designs in the gallery, the first of which is a double-sided design; it’s orange on one side and green on the other. The cups will retail for $3.50.

As you can see in our gallery above, the double-sided design features a Starbucks logo on the left side of the cup with the word “Happy” on the right.

The third design is a red, white and blue pattern on a black background, while the cup will retail for $4.

For more information about Starbucks’ 25th anniversary celebration, visit the press release below:

NEW YORK, NY, Dec 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Starbucks announced today, the brand’s 25th Anniversary for their iconic coffee cups, now available around the world. The year’s most widely consumed brand is marking its 25th year of business with two celebrations: one at the company’s headquarters in Seattle from 6pm – 9pm PST on Wednesday, December 3rd and another at The Museum of Art in Philadelphia from November 23 – December 2nd and from 12pm – 2pm PST on Thursday, December 4th.

Heralded as the most beautiful way to express appreciation for the joy, fulfillment, and achievement that comes from living and working together, Starbucks has brought a level of personalization to the brand that has been unprecedented since the company’s inception in

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