Los Angeles County Proposed Development of a Military Base

Surfing in the California desert? Developer’s plan sparks outrage over water use, drought risk

Surfers in the California desert? Developer’s plan sparks outrage over water use, drought risk

A proposed development on a piece of privately owned land next to the San Fernando Valley’s water-delivery system would bring up to 300,000 new residents into the densely populated area, dramatically increasing the amount of water used by residents, according to some homeowners and the city of Los Angeles.

The land in question, a former military base and an area of heavy development in Los Angeles, is known as the San Fernando Valley Water Facility, which contains several pumping stations, water treatment plants, reservoirs and transmission facilities.

Los Angeles officials say they believe the proposed development would not have the adverse environmental impacts that could be seen with more traditional development, according to the planning process’ public comment period. They were concerned that the area where the proposed development would occur — the proposed parcel sits on government property — could be in danger of drought, but that the development’s water supply would be protected by the project’s water storage and treatment system, according to the city.

But many local residents, who say they have been on the receiving end of a city’s poor management of the development of their property, have expressed outrage over the proposal. And some residents who live near areas where the proposed development would be located say they will not accept that the water supply could be damaged by it.

The Planning Commission of Los Angeles County approved the application in September for the proposed project, which calls for the demolition of portions of existing homes and the construction of a new single-story building alongside the existing military base.

The project site is being built on the corner of North Baring Street and North Kachina Street, which is bordered by the city’s water-delivery system. The site is also adjacent to a neighborhood-heavy commercial area called The Hill and an area where there are high numbers of housing units.

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