James Holmes: The Most Prolific Mass Murderer in Modern History

Ohio shooter of 5 family members claims he ‘had no choice’ to act as he did

James Holmes is seen by many as the most prolific mass murderer in modern history.

But he is also one of a kind.

The gunman, who claimed he had a “lurking evil inside of me”, killed 12 people in an incident in Aurora, Texas, and then took his own life.

His case has captivated the nation.

The case still ranks high on the list of ‘most controversial’ cases in modern US history and has been the subject of numerous documentaries, books and films.

Holmes, who is white and lived in the United States, has been described as an “ordinary American”. But his journey to become a mass murderer has not been ordinary.

James Holmes, the man accused of the shooting of 12 people at a movie complex in Colorado, has said he had no choice but to shoot dozens of people

Holmes was interviewed over the phone by police to give them the names of the 12 victims and is also seen on the tape giving an interview to the media

The 28-year-old suspect is seen giving the police a number of names of the victims, and then saying: “How many victims are there?”

Holmes’s lawyers are now challenging the decision by the judge in the case to allow the interview and they are claiming police were ‘extensively misleading’ when he gave his name and location to the officer.

The lawyer, Robert Lacy, told The New York Post: ‘It is hard for me to believe that he gives a police officer information about his crime and then claims to have no knowledge of it. It is entirely inconsistent with reality, it defies common sense and logic.’

The shooting took place at a crowded midnight screening of an Batman film at the El Capitan Theatre, and it is the deadliest mass shooting in United States history at the hands of a civilian.

More than 12 hours after the

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